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  • Orisha Pantheongenealogeopolitics

    The organization is a Yoruba cultural heritage center, and an African mini- museum. It glorifies the "Orisha," with the realization that all Africans (continental and diaspora) are related by a sacred connection with the "Orisha" (By the grace of Olorun Olodumare). As we have survived the struggles of this wondrous life over the ages, the "Orisha" have assured us that we should have no more fears. We are here to stay--never to be denied our humanity by anyone--anybody! This is the focus of our "geopolitics." Hence, the word, "Orisha Pantheongenealogeopolitics."

    All praises be unto "Olorun Olodumare" for your inquiry. As such,
    "Mo juba, mo f'oribale fun Olorun Olodumare.
    Lehin Olorun Olodumare, mo juba gbogbo awon Orisha.
    Mojuba Lamurudu; Mo juba Oduduwa; Mo juba Orunmila;
    Mo juba Eshu Elegbara; Mo juba Ogun; Mo juba Shango;
    Mo juba Obatala; Mo juba Babaluaiye; Mo juba Olokun;
    Mo juba Oya; Mo juba Oshun; Mo juba Olosa;
    Mo juba Shopona; Mo juba Oshosi; Mo juba Moremi-Ajantoro;
    Mo juba Orisha Oko; Mo juba Olu Orogbo ("Aja l'aiye, aja l'orun");
    Mo juba gbogbo awon oso ati aje ("Awon Iya Mi Osoronga");
    Mo juba Ile ati Oke; Mo juba awon Anjonu (Alujonu); Mo juba Egbere;
    Mo juba Egungun; Mo juba Gelede; Mo juba Igunuko; Mo juba Alagemo;
    Mo juba Eyo Adamu Orisha ati gbogbo awon Eyo ti o ku;
    Mo juba Oba; Mo juba awon Ijoye; Mo juba awon Baba ati Iya Agba;
    Mo juba awon Iwin; Mo juba awon Orisha Kekere Akunle Ebo...Ire, Ire, Ire dodo...
    Alafia--Ase, Ase, Ase...Mo f'oribale (fi ori ba ile)..."
    Mojuba gbogbo awon Irumnole; Mo juba gbogbo ebora; Mojuba aiye-Toto;
    Mojuba Aiye-Akamara; Mojuba gbogbo Igbo Orile Ede Agbaiye; Mojuba juba gbogbo Aginju Orile Ede Aiye;
    Mojuba gbogbo awon agbalagba; Mojuba Omode; Mojuba gbogbo awon Onirele;
    Mojuba gbogbo awon Janduku; Mojuba gbogbo awon Orekelewa; Mojuba gbogboawon t'oburewa;
    Mojuba gbogbo awon Okunrin; Mojuba gbogbo awon Obinrin; Mojuba gbogbo awon Alaga Ijo;
    Mojuba gbogbo awon Oselu gbogbo aiye...
    In the course of your research, you will come across the following entries and much more that are not listed here:

    A Sacred Name, such as in "Allah," and/or "God," Is "Olodumare" to the Yoruba.

    A fervent belief system of the Yoruba in various deities, Angels, Arch-Angels, Saints, Prophets, etcetera, identified as "Orisha."

    The protector and owner of the "Ifa" Divination System, a codification of "Sacred Secrets," interpreted and administered by a "Babalawo."

    "Ifa" is the divination system of the Yoruba. It is an encyclopedia, usually an oral methodology and rendition of theories and codification of sacred laws, and spiritual knowledge, comparable to the "Holy Bible," and/or the "Holy Qua'ran."

    The Yoruba deity of dual justice, meting out "good," or "bad," as warranted by our deeds as human beings, is "Eshu."

    The Yoruba deity of Iron/metal, identifiable with war, hunting, and all occupations and aspects of life that employ anything metallic is "Ogun."

    "Shango" is the Yoruba deity of thunder and lightning--spitting fire from his mouth when enraged, emblazened with fiery, scorching heat.

    Oshumare embodies a rain-bow spectrum of a spiritual heavenly body in the Yoruba Belief System, a demonstration of "Free-Spirits" of a universal religion.

    Talking Drums
    Talking Drums are such as exemplified by "Bata-Koto," "Dundun," and "Gongan." "Bata-Koto," for example, is a 3-sectional ensemble of talking drums of the Yoruba. It is awesome to witness an ensemble of "Bata" drummers, first take turns in playing their respective drums, while as in an orchestra play the drums in unison to an energetic, rhythmical crescendo, as in these examples that follow:
    Alto "Bata" Drummer dishing out:
        "Mo R'oko, Mo R'oko, Mo R'oko"...

    Tenor "Bata" Drummer dishing out:
        "Obo Rabata, Obo rabata, Obo rabata"...

    Baritone "Bata" Drummer dishing out:
        "Da ke nbe, Da ke nbe, Da ke nbe"...

    Then the ensemble, in unison, would rhythmically drum out:
        "Nibo lo gbe tir'oko, nibo lo gbe ti r'oko, nibo lo gbe ti r'oko...
          Obo Rabata, Nibo lo gbe ti r'oko? Obo rabata,
          Nibo lo gbe tir'oko? Obo rabata, Nibo lo gbe ti r'oko? (On-And-On)...
        "Obo Rabata, Nibo Lo Gbe Ti R'oko?"...

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