A Nju Nwon Ko Se Wi Lejo, T'Oluwa L'ase…
O Wun 'Rawo K'ose Bi Osupa; Olorun Oba     
Ni 'O Fun Se…                                                 



About Us

Upon your visit to this web site, you will find it to be different and quite unique
in the ways that the information to be learned and digested have been presented.
This site has been put together by someone that has lived in the environs of
which the practices described herein continue to take place. You might say, from
an "insider's perspective."

All the deities, "Yoruba Gods", - The Yoruba have different deities that are worshipped
depending on the occassion and circumstance for which the worshipping warrants, are
explained in the simplest form for a quick and easy understanding of the practices.
For a more in-depth analysis, follow our blog at :


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